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I feel passionately about a lot of things but fear not, I will not spit them all at you at once during my first blog entry.  In fact, I will not really spit them at all.  You will instead pick up on the things I live by and the views that I have.  Not to worry, I don’t talk politics and I do not talk religion.  You will get insight into my life and recognize my passion for food.  This is somewhat of a new passion. I loved food before; it was great.  But I never had an appreciation at the level that I do now.  I have never had a fire inside of me pushing me to learn about something more, study it, prepare it over and over.  Now I do and at 31 years old, I strongly advise that you do the same.

I realize while on a domestic flight, of all places, how food is involved in our lives.  And trust me, I am not referring to the terrible overpriced food airlines provide these days.  The Southwest flights offer free wi-fi on certain flights.  As I scrolled through the channel option (free live tv), I noticed repeat season episodes of Chopped, Beat Bobby Flay, Unique Sweets, Cutthroat Kitchen, Man Fire Food (haven’t seen that one yet), Brunch at Bobby’s, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman, Restaurant Redemption, Guy’s Grocery Games, and Food Network streaming at all times.  That means that out of 20 live streaming channels and 37 repeat episodes available, 10 of these are food related.  The other channel options range from children’s shows, national news, sports, and your typical realty show featuring a so called housewife of a well known city. 

This concept seems crazy to me.  I mean, I love food, lots of people love food, but who knew that it actually plays such a dominant part in our lives…even on flights from STL to Vegas (tagging along for husband's conference).

As this is one of the many reasons I choose this career.  I choose this field and I choose to contribute to the way we as humans view that vast genre of “food”.  It is constantly changing in form, preparation, flavor combination, and the way we appreciate it.  Food is viewed not as something that provides us with ability to move and function everyday but instead a type of delicacy if you will.  We are developing more and more of an appreciation for the 5/6 food groups we put into our mouths.  That is the exciting part. 

Now I have just a mere few minutes before I hop off the free wi-fi food network stream and into a city full of cuisine that excites the taste buds and the senses.  I will report back to let you know what the Sin City has offered.  Until tomorrow, enjoy your food!


chanterelle mushrooms + arugula + figgy-onion jam burger compliments of BURGR Planet Hollywood Las Vegas


Brandie Wininger

Chef Owner of Nosh, LLC in St Louis.  Catering to corporate offices, private events, and private group cooking classes.  We use only the freshest ingredients and everything is made from scratch.  We pride ourselves in thinking outside of the typical lunch or dinner menu.